Digital Signage


Digital signage is replacing conventional printed advertising and billboard displays by sending targeted messages to different locations at specific times from a central server. Presenter can control every unique message centers from one remote location. Each time digital signage advertisers change their message they save on printing costs and processing time.


Display messages reach consumers at the point of sale and can be altered to meet the needs of specific locations and targeted demographics. Frequent price updates and sales specials can be displayed in specific departments as well as store-wide. Brand advertisers and retailers can target consumers directly with in-store displays in quick service restaurants, grocery stores, banks, department stores, and shopping malls.

Entertainment and Hospitality

Restaurants, hotels, casinos, cruise ships and resorts worldwide have implemented the convenience and simplicity of digital signage. Remote monitors can display motion and streaming videos, maintaining interest by constantly varying messages. Cinemas can display show previews and coming attractions to draw consumers’ attention. Restaurants can display their menu specials on screen and program the server to change them at specific hours for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Hotels can display schedules for business meetings, upcoming event venues, and room vacancies, updated for each location by the hour.


Digital signage is penetrating train stations, airports and buses around the world, simplifying the travel experience. Arrival and departure times, as well as announcements and messages, can be sent to specific gate locations, and updated frequently as needed. Tourist information centers can display maps and directions with interactive kiosks. Car and airline reservation systems can target specific locations from a central server.


Why Digital Signage?

Since the past decade, the spending on interactive digital signage networks has gone up tremendously. Marketers across the industry have upped their investment in digital display advertising. Unlike TV, display advertising today is all about going digital! 

Those who go for digital display advertising do it to grab eyeballs and this is not about large advertising budgets or even heavy marketing. Small and medium businesses often resort to digital display marketing precisely to build brand awareness and grow leads over the Internet. There has been a considerable growth in website traffic mainly done within a manageable budget.

These are the few benefits of Digital Signage

  • It's eye catching and entertaining
  • ​It saves time
  • ​It compliment social media efforts
  • ​It's cost effective