LCD Video Wall

Finance & Banking

LCD Video Wall is suitable for large advertiment board to display exchange rate, video news, ads video clip, and as well as used command centre. 


LCD Video Wall is suitable to showcase of the product and up to date promotion. It is widely used in shopping mall and others retail shops.


Install in FCC (Fire Command Center) or Command centre for tranffic flow monitoring. The videowall are widely used to deliver  traffic information.

Unique brackets

Bracket can be customised for easy maintenance purpose and alignment.

Why LCD Video Wall?

Having years of experience in LCD Video Wall projectsl, we are able to provide the most suitable type of LCD and models to cater to your needs.

These are the few benefits of LCD Video Wall

  • Various Choice of Size - Sizes cater to your needs from 46', 55' and more 
  • Ultra Thin Bezel - As small as 5.7mm
  • Tilt matrix ​- Built-in Tilt Matrix processor are able to form a large screen up to 10-by-10 without additional processor